Chinese Association for Science and Technology California Chapter at Los Angeles

Article I Mission

1. Membership Requirements:


Chinese national (including Chinese American and Chinese from all over the world ), who have studied, worked in Greater Los Angeles Area and who agrees with the mission of CAST-CA(LA) can apply for membership. The Board of Directors of CAST-CA(LA) will review and approve the membership after receiving the application and membership payment.


2. Membership Fee: one time payment $200.00.

Article II Membership

Chinese Association for Science and Technology – California Chapter at Los Angeles (hereafter "CAST-CA(LA)") is a non-political, non-profit organization chartered in Los Angeles. All activities of CAST-LA shall abide the laws of the United States of America. The majority of the members of CAST-CA(LA) are Chinese professionals and students including people from Taiwan and other all regions of the world in the Greater Los Angeles Area.


As a regional chapter of Chinese Association for Science and Technology (hereafter "CAST"), CAST-CA(LA) shall follow the by-laws of CAST but shall remain its own relative independence. CAST-CA(LA) shall actively participate in higher levels activities for Chinese scholars and professionals.


The mission of CAST-CA(LA) is to:


1. Promote China's economic reform and opening and prosperity for both China and the US through building channels for technological, commercial and cultural exchange between the two countries;


2. Promote exchange of professional information and knowledge among members in order to assist in members' career development in the US;


3. Provide opportunities and environments for members to network and to exchange information. To keep and to promote the fine Chinese traditions;


4. Serve the local community.

The major funding of the Association is from membership dues and contribution. Members pay dues annually and the rate of membership due is subject to change upon the decision of the Board of Directors. Membership revenue will cover activities expense of the Association throughout the year, including but not limited to subscription of CAST Newsletter, HaiFeng Magazine, printing CAST-CA newsletter and programs fliers. The Board of Directors will present the financial reports for 1-2 times each year.

Article III Funding

Every member has the right to elect and to be elected. Members shall participate in the association's activities and give suggestions, recommendations, and criticism. Members will receive CAST Newsletter, HaiFeng Magazine, and CAST-CA Newsletter.


Every member is obligated to pay membership fee on time; comply with the bylaws of the association; follow the agreements passed within the Association; and participate and support the association's activities.

Article IV The Rights and Obligations of CAST-CA(LA) Members

1. The supreme power of the Association belongs to all members. The Board of Directors is a standing body of the Association. The President of the Association is the Chairman of the Board. He/She is the head of the Association, the spokesman/spokeswoman for the Association. He/She represents the Association, and handles routine business of the Association. The vice president is responsible for assisting the president. In the president's absence, the vice president will assume all responsibilities. The Association will host at least one annual member meeting/convention to report to all members and to discuss business and issues of concerns.


2. The routine business will be divided among the directors of the board which include finance management, membership development, newsletter publishing and distributing, public relations, academic discussion, social networking, entertainment and sports, community service, and liaison with the headquarter of CAST.


3. The size of the Board is determined by certain percentage of the membership. The Chairman and the Vice Chairman will be selected from the board of directors. Terms of the Directors are two years. Only the Directors of expiring terms will be re-elected annually. Directors of expiring terms may enter the election at his/her own wish.


4. The Board of Directors must convene a minimum of four board meetings every year.


5. Different working committees may be set up upon the Board's approval. The appointed directors will be responsible for the committees.


6. All operation of the Board should be democratic, open and fair and is open for all members' supervision.

Article VI Board of Directors

The Board will be re-elected every year for vacant seats. Members who have joined the organization over half year may name him/herself or other members to be candidates. The names and background information of all candidates will be sent to each member week before the election. The formal election will take place in the format of secret ballot at the annual member meeting.

Article V Election of the Board